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Is Music The Missing Jigsaw Piece In My Life?

If you follow me over on Instagram or my Facebook page, you’ll see that I’ve posted about Mr J having a new bass guitar from his parents as an early Christmas gift. Seeing him and listening to him playing has had me reminiscing about how music was always a big part of my life.

I’d played the recorder in primary school for the school assemblies. My primary school was a church of England school, so we sang hymns every morning in the assemblies. Me and three other girls played the recorder to the gyms accompanied by the music teacher playing the piano. It was the same music teacher who taught my mom in the same primary school too!

The trumpet came into play for me when I was roughly 9 years old and I spent the next 8 years or so playing the trumpet, taking exams and playing in the local concert band with other brass and woodwind players. This was until I had to give up, but I know I’ve told you about all that way back in June 2016 in my post “I’m In The Band…!

I’d tried to learn some new instruments too throughout my time in high school and college.

I always wanted to learn the drums. My dad was a drummer and stood in sometimes for the drummer in his friends band. I’d spoke to the music teacher at high school about my dad and how I’d wanted to learn the drums. He told me that he would teach me. On one of the induction evenings for the primary school leavers, I helped out at the school. The music teacher started to teach me and said I was doing pretty good for a beginner. He unfortunately left the school a couple of months later so I never got my lessons.

My next musical endeavour was testing out the flute and clarinet. The flute was an instrument I couldn’t get the hang of but I loved the clarinet. I’d enlisted for clarinet lessons at my high school to have my trumpet tutor practically ban me from doing it. He told me that I had to make the choice between trumpet and clarinet as I couldn’t play the both. I was somewhat disheartened but I couldn’t give up on my trumpet playing. I’d enjoyed it for so many years and had already spent a few years in the concert band.

I’d signed up to take music as a GCSE, but I was one of a small minority that listed it so I couldn’t do it. I felt like life was doing everything it could to take music away from me.

During my first year of Sixth Form in 2004, I bought myself a guitar. I’d spent some time learning tabs and chords. Tabs were OK for me to play but I found it quite difficult to play the chords, which was what I wanted the guitar for…to play the instrument properly. I’m only 5 foot 2 inches tall with small hands and it didn’t feel comfortable trying to play the chords. My guitar was then left to gather dust sitting on its stand in my bedroom. (Not literally of course, I did clean it off regularly.) My guitar say there until I got into a relationship with Mr J and he started to use it to learn.

The only instruments that I play now are the ones for Rock Band 4!

Is it wrong of me to feel a little jealous of Mr J with how good he was at learning guitar and now having his bass? I actually feel terrible for feeling jealous of the man who has made my life feel complete and happy. I don’t want to feel like it but I’m missing music being such a significant part to play in my life. I honestly would love to get back into playing an instrument of some kind, but I wouldn’t know where to go with it all now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I’m not happy with my life with Mr J. These past 11 years have been a rollercoaster albiet a happy one. What I’m saying is, even though I have this life that I’m happy with I have always felt like I could do more.

Music was something that gave me a feeling of accomplishment. It was something that I enjoyed so much. Sometimes, I wish I had just played through the pain and been so insistent on learning something new when people were trying to take certain aspects of music put of my life.

The idea of getting a new instrument has been swirling around my mind for a long time but I think that the feeling is more prominent now because of Mr J and his new bass guitar.

What instrument would you all recommend? Should I go back to the trumpet even though it may be a nuisance to our neighbours or something else? I’d love to hear your suggestions. Feel free to get in touch.

Best Wishes


3 thoughts on “Is Music The Missing Jigsaw Piece In My Life?

  1. Hi thanx for sharing, just some humble suggestion, how about trying other guitar models with small neck radius, like the telecaster by fender, I’m just 5’4″ and after years of practice, thankful, I’m now comfortable playing..


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