Product Review | Hylogy Digital Thermometer


This Hylogy Digital Thermometer comes packaged in a recycled brown cardboard box with a sleeve cover showing the thermometer and some details about it. The thermometer is white with lilac colour details. It is roughly 6 inches (15cm) tall, 1.5 inches (4cm) wide and 4 inches (9.5cm) deep with a backlit LCD screen. The screen has 3 backlight settings; green for a normal temperature, yellow for a slight fever and red for high fever. A smiley face also shows with each reading.

Whats in the box:

  • HYLOGY Thermometer
  • Pouch
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • User Manual and Warranty Card

With this thermometer, you can check body temperature as well as surface temperature. You can change between the modes using the MODE button which is found below the screen. With some other thermometers, you have to hold and scan for the temperature, however, with this Hylogy thermometer you just point the thermometer at what you want to temperature check and press the trigger once. After an estimated respond time of less that 2 seconds, the temperature will show on the screen. The thermometer also has an auto shut-off function, which powers down the thermometer automatically after roughly 18 seconds.

On the right side of the thermometer are a further 3 buttons; SET, UP and DOWN. You can change between temperature scales (Celsius and Fahrenheit) using this thermometer too.

The thermometer has a good temperature reading range, ranging between 34 to 42.9°C (93.2-109.2°F) for body temperature and 0°C to 100.0°C (32-212°F) for surface temperature. To check the thermometers accuracy, I checked the temperature of our central heating with this thermometer and another surface temperature thermometer and the readings were exactly the same from both thermometers give the same surface temperature reading.

This thermometer requires 2 AAA batteries, which are supplied in the box. The battery compartment can be found on the base of the handle. It has low battery indication, which will appear along the bottom of the screen. The thermometer also has an automatic shut off function, which is after roughly 18 seconds. You will find a speaker at the bottom of the handle. This will play a sound when the temperature reading has been recorded. Also, it may be worth noting that this thermometer doesn’t have a laser pointer.

To use the thermometer, you just press the trigger and it instantly records the temperature.

It has a good range of temperature reading and is pretty accurate. It will come in useful for checking temperatures when we are ill and to check on our little bunny, Fudge. I think I would make a few adjustments to it as I would prefer to hold the trigger to constantly read the temperature.

You get a 24 Month Manufacturer Warranty when you purchase the thermometer. This is noted in the manual.

Aukey is a Chinese company that supports eco friendly products and packaging. Visit their website at
Hylogy is a subsidiary brand under the Aukey name.

* I was kindly sent these as a free sample by Aukey. I was not obligated to leave a review for them but I have done so on my own accord. The opinions in the review are entirely my own and are not influenced by the manufacturer, seller or anyone else. *

I’d love to hear your opinions. Feel free to get in touch.

Best Wishes

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