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Blogmas Day 3 | How NOT To Wrap Your Christmas Gifts


Let’s face it. Everyone wraps their gifts different. I’ve watched a number of people in my life and noticed the differences in their wrapping.

Some wrap the whole gift differently, some wrap the sides differently. Either way, there is no set RIGHT way to do it. It’s just how you feel comfortable.

I learned how to wrap presents by watching my mum and then using those skills to wrap the gifts that I had bought people for birthdays and Christmas. Since the age of 14, when I had my little Saturday job, I always bought people gifts from me with my own money.

That being said, there is definitely a WRONG way to wrap.

How NOT To Wrap Your Christmas Gifts

Safe to say that Mr J isn’t the most proficient gift wrapper. I told you on Blogmas Day 1, I am the more competent gift wrapper between Mr J and I.

Yes, I have received a gift or two from Mr J wrapped like that in the past 11 years. The two worst ones were a couple DVD box sets that he had bought for me. He rolled the paper around and then continuously wrapped cellotape around it, until hardly any paper was left uncovered. When I came to unwrap them, I found a pen, pennies, post it notes among a few things inside all the cellotape. I even had to get the scissors to cut through it all!

Safe to say that I do all the gift wrapping in our home now… Unless it’s a gift for me, which I wrap myself or Mr J’s mom wraps if it is a surprise.

How To Wrap Your Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips

My number 1 tip would be to not overdo it with the wrapping paper. You don’t really want rolls and rolls of paper. It can get a bit difficult to wrap and sometimes looks a mess. I usually get enough paper to folder over the gift between 1 and 2 times. That way, you get enough to cover the gift but not too much.

Wrapping gifts takes patience. It can get a little fiddley when folding the corners and holding it still while sticking the folds down.

Are these tips useful? How are you at gift wrapping? If you have any comments on this topic or you have any tips of your own, then I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.

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Feel free to get in touch.

Best Wishes

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