2016 End-Of-Year Blog Summary

Hello, 2017!

A big HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! I really do wish you all the best for the coming year. I have to say, 2016 just completely flew by in a flash with no idea where it has gone.

2016 has been a pretty tough year in places thanks to some personal issues which I have talked about here before; the main one being Mr J’s depression and anxiety diagnosis. It’s definitely a rollercoaster for both Mr J and I but I’m happy to be here to support him through this tough time. Making progress is the main thing and it is great to see him starting to gain some of his focus back. It is still a long way to go though.

Tough times aside, there were some great times in 2016. I set up Nikkipedia over on Blogger in February, which was a big deal for me and then I moved it over to WordPress in July, which was an even bigger deal! I feel like my blog is getting to be what I always saw it to be when I envisaged starting up. I may not have the best blog and I may not get the views that others get, but I am happy that at least someone is reading what I have to say. Even one view makes a difference for me. Each view that I get on the posts about asthma, depression and anxiety is one person who I could have helped a little with my writing.

When I started Nikkipedia, I didn’t have any goals in mind for how I wanted it to go. However, now that I’ve been blogging for almost a year, I think it is time for some goals.

2016 Year Stats*

Monthly Views (July-December)*

Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
352 607 449 621 661 831 3,521

Posts Published (By Month)

February: 10 Posts | March: 16 Posts | April: 32 Posts | May: 20 Posts | June: 11 Posts
July: 15 Posts | August: 10 Posts | September: 16 Posts | October: 22 Posts
November: 22 Posts | December: 14 Posts

Total: 188

Top 20 Posts For 2016*

Home page / Archives: 736 Views
Product Review | Karma Active Super Charged Activity Tracker: 597 Views
Grey Peas and Bacon Recipe: 305 Views
An Interview With Sister Shotgun: 165 Views
Product Review | Cool Breeze Aroma Diffuser: 141 Views
Product Review | Hamswan Wooden Aroma Diffuser: 135 Views
Game Review | Disney Emoji Blitz: 87 Views
September Business Showcase | Gifts By Gita: 39 Views
September Business Showcase | BABE: Bold Accessories for Baby Entertainment: 39 Views
October Business Showcase | The Art and Creations of Lauren C. Waterworth: 30 Views
September Business Showcase | Justyrs: 30 Views
Product Review | Apalus Hair Straightening Brush: 30 Views
Product Review | DBPOWER Action Camera: 26 Views
About: 25 Views
Product Review | Joker and Harley Quinn Wedding Cake Topper: 24 Views
September Business Showcase | Emma’s Doll Shop: 24 Views
Product Review | AMZDeal Foldable Photography Studio Light Box Kit: 24 Views
Product Review | MARSEE MSH04 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones: 22 Views
Contact: 21 Views
October Business Showcase | The Cloth Ones: 20 Views

My Favourite Posts Of 2016

In no particular order

Depression and Anxiety | More Than A Feeling
A Slit Of The Tongue | Words Can Be Cutting
I’m In The Band…!
Living with Asthma
The hardest secret I’ve ever had to keep…
Grey Peas and Bacon Recipe
Yow Dow Know Abaart We | Knowledge and Misconceptions of The Black Country
Bullying | From Victim To Victor
An Interview With Sister Shotgun
Easy Gnocchi Bolognese Recipe
Halloween Chocolate and Orange Cupcakes
Is Music The Missing Jigsaw Piece In My Life?

Goals For 2017

When I started Nikkipedia, I had never given a thought to what goals I should try to achieve. I have decided that with a new year, I should set myself some goals… Much like new year’s resolutions. I don’t want to overload myself with goals, so I’ve decided to just set a handful. Here are my 6 goals for 2017.

  1. Increase my page views by 100%
  2. Increase blog followers by at least 50% (49 on 31 December 2016)
  3. Post at least 20 posts per month
  4. Self-promote in a wider range of places
  5. Bring back my weekly blog series’ (Fudge’s Diary and Sunday Showcase)
  6. Connect with fellow bloggers more

As you can see, the stats that I have aren’t a massive amount like some bloggers get. Although, I feel that the stats I do have are a great achievement for me. I’m pretty happy about that. All these stats are only applicable since I moved from Blogger to WordPress in July.

Looking forward to what 2017 holds for Nikkipedia.

Do you have any suggestions for me or feedback on my blog? I’d love to hear your opinions. Feel free to get in touch.

Best Wishes

*Stats taken at roughly 9pm UK time on 31 December 2016*


One thought on “2016 End-Of-Year Blog Summary

  1. Like the way you have shared your stats journey.
    Best Luck! You definitely inspired me for the year end summary for 2017
    Thanks for sharing!


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