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Product Review | LETSCOM Fitness Tracker


I loved my Karma Active Fitness Tracker and had been looking for another for Mr J. I was specifically looking for one with the heart rate function on, so I got this LETSCOM Fitness Tracker.

Provided in the small, white box are the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker, a user manual and a charging method guide.

The tracker is a soft rubber band, navy blue in colour, with the tracker device fitted into it. It has a small metal plaque at end of the band with the brand name on. The fastening is a press fastening; as a short description, it is similar to a press stud but metal through the rubber. For some people who find it difficult to fasten things similar it can be quite tricky to fasten.

The tracker device is removable from the rubber band and has its own USB connection on the device itself. You just plug the device into a USB port and it will charge. It took roughly an hour to fully charge and has lasted roughly a week or so with no need to charge it again yet. It suggests you charge the device for a short while before using it for the first time. The tracker has an OLED touch screen, which allows you to tap or swipe the device to view the different functions.

After charging your tracker, the next thing you must do is download the LETSFIT app from the Google Play Store or iTunes. Don’t worry, it is a free app. Once downloaded, you have to turn your Bluetooth on and pair the device in the app. It will sync all your details from your tracker to your app in a few seconds. If you also notice that the tracker’s date and time are wrong before you sync with the app, don’t worry as it updates it over Bluetooth. You have to run the app set up and set your height, weight, age, gender and daily step and sleep targets.


So, what functions does this LETSFIT Fitness Tracker have? On the tracker device you have a pedometer to track your steps, calories burned estimation, distance walked, a watch, sleep monitor and a heart rate monitor. To view each of these, just swipe on the screen to cycle through them.

img_2322If you long press on the screen, the device will vibrate and take you to a few screens of settings. Swiping on these settings will move along to the next page. The settings are sport mode, do not disturb mode, wrist sense, display setting (horizontal/vertical display) and heart rate settings. Other settings that you can find available on the device from the app are anti lost alert, call alert, social alert (notifications for Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc), alarm, find your phone, music control, remote camera and sedentary alert.

The numbers on the device are also extremely easy to read. Obviously, it can’t be 100& accurate but it seems pretty accurate so far. It is also rated IP67 waterproof!

The sleep monitor tracks how long you have been in light or deep sleep and how long you stayed awake for between the time you activate sleep mode until you deactivate it when you wake up. Sleep mode automatically detects your sleep. Again, the times seem pretty accurate but there is no 100% way of knowing. I find it fascinating how it knows how much light or deep sleep you have.

As for cons, the only one that I can find is that the call alerts don’t seem to work on my Android phone. After a bit of searching on the Amazon customer questions section, it has been recommended to try two methods. The first is going to the device in your Bluetooth settings and forgetting the device and trying connecting again. The second is completely uninstalling the app and then reinstalling. In all honesty, I haven’t done either. I am quite happy with how the device is working for me at the moment and don’t want to lose my progress.

Other than that, I really like this fitness tracker. It is easy to use and gives you plenty of functions to work with. It is an amazing bargain! I’d definitely recommend to anyone looking for an activity tracker to try the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker.

The fitness tracker is currently on sale at Amazon UK for £29.95.

* I received the product for free to test. I was not obligated to leave a review. The opinions are entirely my own and not influenced by the manufacturer or anyone else. *

I’d love to hear your opinions. Feel free to get in touch.

Best Wishes

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12 thoughts on “Product Review | LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

  1. Excellent review! Since you received the product, can you please help me reach someone at Letscom? I am having issues with my Letscom tracker not charging. I’ve tried plugging it into the wall and into my computer but it won’t charge. I’m also having issues with the app. I have an iPhone and even though it says it is connected (and I get all my text and call alerts just fine) it won’t track my steps or heart rate in the app unless I open the app and tell it to refresh. So if I forget to open the app for a day or 2, the app will say I did 0 steps those days.

    Thank you for an excellent review and for any help you can provide. I’m a fellow tech blogger from the USA over at, I know a thorough review when I see one 🙂


    1. Thanks for your comment, Annie.

      As far as I can tell, you have to refresh the app to sync with the tracker. All your data is stored on the tracker. I passed this tracker to my mother-in-law as I had another one. She accidentally uninstalled the app. When I reinstalled and put the band to sync, it was syncing everything stored on the tracker.
      As for charging, I’ve not had any trouble charging it. I would say that it is best to use a PC/laptop and I think it has to point upwards. I tried charging it plugged into my PS4 and it didn’t work.
      I hope that helps. If not, get back to me and I’ll see what else I can find.


  2. I had this problem for the first couple of days with mine. It seems that you can push it in to a usb port far enough that it activates and not far enough to charge it. Make sure it’s all the way in so that you see the red charging light. Once I did that, it worked. I’ve also noticed that it doesn’t seem to count the steps you do when you are out of reach of your Bluetooth. Before my fitbit died I was getting about 8k before the end of the work day. Now I get about half of that and I frequently get an alert that I have departed Bluetooth range.


  3. Great review, I managed to get one for 22 GBP from Amazon last week and already love it, I checked your review for info on the sleep function & you had the answer so thank you.


    1. You are most welcome! I’m glad that you found the answer to your questions on my post. I found the tracker really useful and quite accurate. I hope you have a good experience with it too. If there is anything else you need, I’d love to help if I can. Thanks for the comment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think that if you want it to constantly track your heart rate etc, Bluetooth needs to be connected all the time. If not, theres no need to leave it on. Just turn it on to sync your steps and sleep pattern.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I find the bracelet crazy difficult to attach. I cannot do it. My boyfriend struggles with it. He is super fit, so it’s not a weakness or coordination thing. Would love to hear tips, or did I just get a lemon?


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