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Time Away From The Blog: Was It Worth It?

Obviously, I have been quite neglectful of my blog as of late. Sure, I’ve posted a few review posts but not really much else since the new year.

I started to question the reasons why. Why was I being so neglectful? Did I need this time away? And more importantly, was it worth it? I had no idea why I was being so neglectful, just I kept focussing my time on petty things instead of focussing on my blog; one of the things that I felt proud of. I did not need any time away and no, I don’t think it was worth it… For the most part anyway.

The main reason I’ve been a bit neglectful is that I’ve been researching starting my own Etsy business. I don’t have any details right now but I’ve been looking at making some products and selling them on Etsy. I’ve been researching most of the ins and outs, fees, costs and pricing, packaging… The works!

By the time I loaded up WordPress, I just had total writers block. I had so many blog post ideas jotted down in my notebook but when it came to writing, I was just blank.

Next came the whole “My love is so big…” project. With Mr J having such a tough time this past year, I decided to take part in this. I thought it was something that I could put together in a sort of scrapbook as a surprise. Wasn’t much of a surprise really though when I blurted out where someone was sending me a picture from. Genius.

I joined many Facebook groups for trading with others around the world. Well… In my honest opinion, I think I joined too many groups. I spent far too many hours browsing these groups even though I love the pictures I’ve been sent so far.

And still, the writer’s block continued.

I’ve really missed writing my blog and I’ve felt so disappointed in myself. However, now I’m back. I’m making my notes and planning posts and I’ll be publishing more soon.

I’m so glad to be back! Feel free to get in touch.

Best Wishes

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