Happy Easter 2017

Happy Easter to everyone that is celebrating!

I have just looked back on last years Easter post and in all honesty, this year is so similar with a few minor changes of course.

This year, to start off our day, I drew our faces on eggs for our boiled egg breakfast. We always used to have this when we were younger and this year was the first time I’ve done this since Mr J and I moved in together. Not my best drawings I must say, but they were just a rush job as i was about to put them in the saucepan and my Sharpie kept cutting out.

We are off to Mr J’s parents a lovely lamb dinner with a lovely black forest gateaux for dessert. Its been a long time since we had lamb, I am really looking forward to it.

What Easter would be complete without chocolate? Again, we don’t always have chocolate eggs as we tend to get a bit more value from a selection of sweets and chocolate bars but I decided on grabbing us an egg each again this year. We both have mini eggs. I think I enjoyed it so much last year that I wanted another one. We also have a pack of Creme Eggs each too. I know we have a selection of chocolates from both mine and Mr J’s parents too.

For Fudge, he does have another dandelion leaf egg from Pets At Home. The only thing is, I haven’t been able to pick it up from my parents house. He’ll have to enjoy it a bit later on instead.

Mr J and I decided to get each other a different gift too other than chocolate, with me J surprising me with Kingdom Hearts HD collection for the PS4! I’ve been looking forward to these again for so long! Mr J has had Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, the digital copy for the PS4 from the PlayStation Network.

We love a hot cross bun for Easter too!

How are you celebrating Easter?

Feel free to get in touch. I have anther post scheduled for later on today. It’s hair related, so if this is something that interests you then keep your eyes peeled on the blog, my Facebook page or my Twitter. All the links are below or on the top right of the page.

Best Wishes

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