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Clawbert Game Review

I have just recently found a new game that I seem to have become obsessed with. This game is Clawbert.

Clawbert is a UFO claw game, just like you would find in arcades and the aim of the game is to collect surprise eggs from the UFO claw machine. Simple but maybe boring to some. Each egg has a surprise inside; some hold an amount of coins and some hold some awesomely cute kawaii characters… New friends for Clawbert!!

You use the joystick to move Clawbert left and right to position him in the best position for the egg you want to collect. When you are ready to drop Clawbert, you click the ‘Grab‘ button. You have a certain amount of time to collect everything before the timer reaches 0 and the machine resets with a new selection of eggs. There is always a selection of eggs in-game at once and a number of coins to pick up. Coins are always useful, right? Diamonds also appear in-game too. These don’t appear each time the machine resets but they are always worth grabbing if you can.

There is only one egg slot available at the start of the game, but another two are available to unlock. The first costs 20 diamonds to unlock. As I haven’t managed to get enough diamonds to unlock the next slot yet, I can’t tell you what the third slot costs. Each eggs takes a certain time to hatch but this can be sped up at the cost of coins, hatching the egg instantly.

You also have a daily checklist that gives you three tasks to complete daily. Each task you complete, you get a reward. If you complete all three tasks you get a special reward. Seeing as I have this on both my phone and my iPod, my first special reward on both was a character and my second reward on my phone was a special hat for Clawbert.

On the topic of hats, you can earn small hats for completing different tasks or as special rewards. I currently have bunny ears equipped. These bunny ears were a reward from a special spell word that you can figure out from the Clawbert Facebook page. To enter the spell word, just click on the three bars icon in the top left corner and click on spell word. If you download  Clawbert and would love the bunny ears spell word, keep reading to the end of the article.

You also get a different worlds to travel to but I haven’t been able to travel yet; you need to collect a certain amount of characters to unlock the worlds.

A new egg has been added too which is the piggy egg. If you collect him, there’s no hatch time, you just keep clicking on him as Clawbert is holding him to collect some coins. When no coins are left, the piggy egg will break allowing Clawbert to collect a new egg.

I took an instant liking to this game, mainly because of the kawaii characters. If I had to make one small criticism, I’d have to say that I feel you sometimes aren’t given enough time to collect and hatch all the eggs before the machine resets. I sped up th hatching process of a number of eggs with roughly 40 minutes left before the machine reset. However, with a number of eggs still in the machine to collect, the next egg I collected had a hatch time of over an hour and I didn’t have enough coins to speed it up. I mean, no biggie but I really didn;t want to miss out on collecting characters.

Clawbert is available on both iOS and Android devices for FREE!! There are in-app purchases available for coins and diamonds.

What do you think of Clawbert? Your type of game or not, or just love the cute kawaii characters? I’d love to hear what you have to say. Feel free to leave your opinions in the comment section. I appreciate every single comment, view or share and love reading what you have to say. For Clawbert’s Easter spell word, scroll down past my social media icons below.

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