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A Missive To His Sibling

I’m not usually one to rant and rave about things but honestly, this whole post is me ranting about something that has really made me angry. I feel that I really need to get it off my chest because of how much I am still annoyed about it over a month on from the incident that tipped everything over the edge.

You have a great family; they treat me as one of their own. They have done so much for you over the years. They’ve been there for you when you needed them and they’ve given you so much when you were in trouble. You may not have always had a great relationship with your brother but he would still have done anything to help you. He got himself in trouble just because he thought someone shouldn’t have been speaking to you in such a derogatory way.

But how do you repay them?

You lie to them. You turn your back on them. You take anything you can from them but never show them any gratitude. You take them for granted. You wanted to steal from your brother just to benefit yourself. You treat them like they are something you’ve stepped on in the street. Your brother has sat there and seen your mom cry believing that she is a bad mother, all thanks to you.

So, the incident in question… You posted on Facebook to say Happy Mothers Day to your mom. Did you call? At the time, no. Your brother was so angry, he commented to you to phone her. Did you call then? Yes, to speak about your brother like he wasn’t good enough to even be associated with you. Did you once say “Happy Mother’s Day, mom” on the phone to her? NO! All you were interested in when you called was how badly you could talk about your brother and you couldn’t even say it to his face.

You don’t care about him, you don’t care about your family. The only thing you care about is yourself. You treat everyone around you like s**t, even that one person that loves you and nobody knows why he does. I mean, how dare you think you can speak to your brother that way. Even at his worst, he is a far better person than you will ever be. It’s just a shame that people like you always have to do anything you can to put him down. You’re the person who turned their back on their family while you brother does anything he can to help them.

News flash for you, you’re not that special. Your family is too good to be associated with you. I may not know everything that has gone on over the years but I’ve come to know enough after 12 years and even I would rather not be associated with you. I’ve tried to defend you in the past to your brother but even I’m past caring now. You’re a pathetic excuse of a human being. You’re selfish and ungrateful. And I get it, you “don’t want him posting anything on my Facebook” because people you are putting on a front to can see what kind of person you actually are.

Some people don’t deserve the family they are born into and you are one of them. I could never imagine treating any of my family the way you treat yours.

It’s safe to say that you have lost your brother and sister-in-law.

You’re an anathema; an abomination of nature the likes of which this world does not deserve to possess. You are a nasty piece of work. I can safely say you are nothing like any of your family. You’ve made your bed, go lie in it and stop involving your family in your petty, useless drama.

Middle finger wholeheartedly extended.


14 thoughts on “A Missive To His Sibling

  1. I hear you only too well, we are having similar with a member of our family. Unfortunately that old saying of ‘You can’t chose your family but you can chose your friends’ is so very true where some people are concerned x


  2. Family bond is something that helps one to be strong and confident.. there has to be a mutual understanding and adjusting between the members.


  3. Some people don’t know what a good thing is if it ran up and but them in the butt. Karma has a special way of dealing with these kinds of people.


  4. I went through something similar with a family member this past fall. It left many people hurt, and a family completely forgotten. All I can say is, everything is temporary. I took me a good three months to really get the chip off my shoulder, though I’d still appreciate an apology, but once I did just let it go things went back to normal. Though the party in question is only 20, and still figuring out their own way in life, and I have to practice patience and try to remember when I was in their shoes.


  5. It’s hard to deal with family sometimes, but keeping grudge can destroy everything worth living for. So let’s hope that one day she will realize where did her behavior lead and will fix her mistakes. I hope your family is going to be a whole again (I mean emotionally).


  6. Whoa is all I can muster. You seem to feel very strongly about this. I think we have experienced varying degrees of this. I hope writing this gave you a sense of release.


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