On The Road To A New Venture

When I posted “Time Away From The Blog: Was It Worth It?” back in March, I talked about how I had been researching setting up an Etsy store, which was one of the reasons I’d been quite neglectful. I missed my blog terribly but I was on excited for what the future held for my little idea running around my brain.

It’s still a long journey ahead but I’m well on my way to setting up my little Etsy store.

I have a Facebook page and Instagram, I’ll leave the links a little further down.

So what exactly is my new venture? Well, I’m getting into creating indie nail polish! I’ve called my indie polish business Little Fudges Beauty Shop. No points for guessing the name inspiration though.

So far, I’ve completed most, if not all, of my research and I’ve moved on to creating test batches of polishes. First test batch has been  created which I’m going to take to my younger sister so I can get her feedback and then I’ll move onto another batch for sending to swatchers.

At the moment, I’ll be focusing on the indie nail polish line but I’m hoping to expand to other products when the time is right.

I’ll be totally honest here and say that for me, this new adventure is really exciting. I don’t know where its going to lead, I don’t know how its going to take off. I just know that I’m excited for this rollercoaster.

Do you want to join me for the ride? You’ll find the links to my Facebook and Instagram below.



Hope to see you there!

Best Wishes


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