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Awesome Sister Shotgun Gig Nights

I’ve been really busy of late with my indie nail polish brand I’m putting together. It’s a long process but I’m moving forward with everything and I’m hoping to be able to launch sometime soon.

That being said, Mr J and I managed to find the time to get to TWO Sister Shotgun gigs over the past couple of weeks. The first gig was on Wednesday 14 June at our local music venue, The Robin 2.

Both my mom and sister work at the so as soon as Sister Shotgun came up on the gig list my mom text me to let me know. If you can remember back to August 2016, I interviewed the lead singer of Sister Shotgun, Chloe (POST: An Interview With Sister Shotgun). They have had many gigs since but we haven’t been able to make it to them. Them being at The Robin 2 was the perfect chance for us to go and see them play live.

Sister Shotgun were one of two bands supporting the headline group. The second support band was an all male 4 piece band called Hollowstar from St Ives, Cambridgeshire. You’ll have to check them out!

The members of Hollowstar are Joe Bonson (Vocals/Bass), Phil Haines (Guitar), Tom Collette (Guitar) and Jack Bonson (Drums).

The headline band was the all girl group, Thunderpussy. Thunderpussy, who hail all the way from Seattle USA, takes influence from and fuses together blues, rock and soul music consisting of the members Molly Sides (Vocals), Whitney Petty (Guitar), Ruby Dunphy (Drums) and Leah Julius (Bass).

It was an amazing gig and so much fun! Mr J, my sister, a family friend and I enjoyed ourselves a lot all while my mom worked. It was a great night out for us all.

Me with Chloe and Niall from Sister Shotgun at The Robin 2

I also met Chloe, rhythm guitarist Niall Wills and drummer Adam Yeardley after Sister Shotgun had played their set. Mr J also had a great chat with guitarist Rob Hayes and bassist Tim Chambers, who gave him some amazing bass tips!

Sister Shotgun’s set list consisted of all 5 songs from their latest EP, Devour (From The Ashes, Overcome, Scarlet Visions, Miss Fortune and Silhouettes) as well as 3 of their older songs, Dirty Mind, No Hope and For The Love Of Hate. I have to be honest, my favourite from Devour is From The Ashes. It’s a great song.

Sister Shotgun sounded so professional and they sound exactly the same live as a recording! A lot of local, unsigned bands tend to not sound so professional but they were brilliant.

Me and Mr J with Chloe Ozwell and her mom (who we have known for many years) at The Giffard Arms

The second gig we went to was on Saturday 1 July at another local venue, The Giffard Arms. It’s a rock and metal pub with a venue upstairs for gigs. This gig was a Sister Shotgun headline gig, with 3 other bands supporting them. As well as the songs on the set list from The Robin 2, they also played a brand new song, Kill The Lights, that they had only written a couple of days before! Unfortunately, after 4 years with Sister Shotgun, this was the last gig for drummer Adam. We wish Adam all the best for his future. Your drumming was awesome!

Chemikill are a 5 piece, female fronted metal band formed in 1986 in Tamworth, West Midlands.

Sorrow’s End are a new, female fronted symphonic metal band from the West Midlands consisted of Jaime Gibbs (Vocals), Tom Walker (Drums), Ryan Maddox (Guitar), Steve Ashurst (Drums), Damo Faulkner (Bass/Vocals) and Lee Mulcahy (Keyboard).

Crimson Star are an all male 3 piece rock band from Birmingham, UK formed in 2012, consisting of James Shaw (Vocals/Guitar), Ross Edgington (Drums) and Roj Ash (Bass).

Seriously, be sure to check out all of these bands. If you do go and listen to their music on Spotify or YouTube, let me know what you think in the comments. There are some videos from both gigs on the YouTube channel SuperBrummie1 along with other videos floating around YouTube.

Best Wishes

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