Top 6 PS4 Games I’m Looking Forward To Being Released

It’s no secret that I love video games and as most of you know, I do prefer PlayStation 4 gaming. My own personal game collection has been growing (not just sharing the games with Mr J). I do often ask myself “Nikki, what games are you looking forward to being released?” I’ve compiled a list of my top 6 PS4 games that I’m excited to be released for the remainder of 2017 and ones currently planned for release in 2018.

* To see my list, please keep reading past the Pinterest image *

Kingdom Heats 3

I’ve been waiting for this since Kingdom Hearts 2! Its been in development for so long but it’s finally had a rough release date. At D23 it was announced that it will be released in 2018 but with no exact date. I loved the Kingdom Hearts games from the first time I played them. Disney and Final Fantasy mixed into one game, it’s a brilliant mix. I’m also looking forward to the Toy Story world that it will feature.

God Of War

The reveal of a new God Of War in development was one of my highlights of E3 2016. Not only for the music at the show aspect but because I used to love playing the original couple on PS2. Kratos was a brilliant character and fit these games really well. Both Mr J and I are looking forward to playing the next one.

Monster Hunter World

Mr J and I used to love playing the Monster Hunter Freedom series on PSP and the couple they released on 3DS. We’d spend a couple of hours together hunting monsters, gathering resources and finding treasures. We have been waiting with anticipation for an announcement that the series was getting a PS4 release and E3 2017 did not disappoint! The preview videos look amazing!

Assassins Creed Origins

I don’t care what anybody says the Assassins Creed games are great games! The characters are intelligently designed and the in depth character writing draws you in to each individual characters life, from the main story cast to bit parts. I’ve always liked history so in love the fact that the games also teach you numerous historical facts. This new release, AC Origins, being set in Egypt is a bonus for me mainly due to the fact that Egyptian history (Pharaohs, pyramids, Sphinx, hieroglyphics etc) is one of my main historical interests. I always wanted to go to Egypt as an archaeologist.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

My first taste of the Ys series was Ys: The Ark Of Napishtim on PSP when Mr J bought it for me second-hand from Game. It was a simple yet fun game which I enjoyed a lot. Mr J also bought me the latest Ys release on the PSVita (Ys: Memories of Celcetta). I can’t wait for this one to be released in September 2017; it will be the first I’d have played on something other than a handheld system.

The Sims 4

Now, I already have The Sims 4 on the PC but I really wanted a console release because I’m more of a console gamer than a PC one. With a November 2017 release announcement, I’m pretty sure I know where some of my birthday money is going. The Sims may not be for everyone but I’m obsessed with them. I usually make normal looking characters whereas if I hand the Sim creation reigns over to Mr J he makes unusual characters by extorting every aspect of facial modifications and gives them a 2×2 square room each to live in and see who lasts the longest.

So, gamers. What games are you looking forward to being released? Any of the same as me? Do you recommend any others for me to play?

Best Wishes

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5 thoughts on “Top 6 PS4 Games I’m Looking Forward To Being Released

  1. I’m super excited for Kingdom Hearts and Sims 4 to reach PS4 too. I do have a couple of recommendations for you though – try life is strange, it’s getting a prequel at the end of August that i’m super psyched for but the original was amazing if you love that deffo look into getting the prequel game too

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      1. Not going to lie i’m obsessed with the Kingdom Hearts series and I’ve been desperate for years for the 3rd instalment to release and the 90’s kid inside me is super happy about that Toy Story world they announced recently.

        Sims on PS4 in November is going to be amazing, it comes out like a week before I go and see my favourite band in concert so November 2017 is just going to be amazing for me. It get’s a lot of hate, but I love Sims 4 on PC so i’m happy for it to reach console too.

        Life is Strange is great, if you try it let me know what you think, or better yet write a blog post about it, think i’m right in saying PS4 has the first episode for free then you just buy the 4 episodes left after if you enjoyed the first. The main character Max (Maxine but she prefers Max) is so relatable for me, she’s into photography for a start so I think you’d enjoy it too.

        Liked by 1 person

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