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Oh wow, where have I been! Its been a couple of months since I posted on my blog; end of July in fact with my Top 6 PS4 Games I was looking forward to post. There has been so much going on for me. I promise I’ll get back to posting properly soon. I definitely have some things to share with you all. However, I’d love to share with you how the nail polish venture has been for me.

On 3rd September I officially opened my store! I’ve been inundated with orders and fulfilling them; my first 2 orders came in within 2 minutes of opening my Etsy store! I couldn’t believe it. Safe to say that I was very happy.

Swatches courtesy of @miss_sock, @acertainbecca, @glittershinenails and @jenknutton
Swatches courtesy of @ohsoprettypolish, @nailswitherica and @princessclaradparkles

When I started, I had a small collection of 12 shades available; one of which has changed now so I need new swatches. I have to say that Ice Queen seems to have been quite popular so far.

A little into September I created a custom polish for a lady who then recommended me to her daughter who also had a custom polish. The first has been added to my store and the second has been added to a collection which is releasing on Saturday!

I released a Halloween Collection on October 1st and in all honesty, I’m so proud of it. I love hearing the compliments from people who’ve ordered, like one lady who said that the red polish of the collection was the best red she has ever used! I’ve also got an 80s Collection releasing tomorrow!

There’s some amazing new things in the works where my nail polish are concerned so keep your eyes peeled for them!

At the moment though, due to shipping restrictions, I can only ship to the UK. I’m looking for a courier that will accept international packages.

Here’s my store and social media links

Website | Etsy | Instagram | Facebook

I’ll have a special post tomorrow!

Best Wishes


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