Goodbye 20s, Hello 30!

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Today is my 30th birthday. Its something I’ve been dreading for a while but I’ve gradually come to not feel so anxious about it. I think this is why I’m trying to do more things with my life now; a thing that spurred on my decision to open my nail polish store. I want to do things now while I still have the chance. Let’s face it, time does fly by so fast.

For my birthday this year, Mr J has invested in something for me to bring back something into my life that I’ve missed; music. I’ve talked before about how I played the trumpet in a junior concert band for years and how I missed playing an instrument and having this side of music in my life. Well this present from Mr J is a clarinet! I’ve wanted to play one for a while; ever since I tried it once to see if I’d be accepted for lessons for it. I was accepted but my trumpet tutor told me that it wasn’t good for my trumpet playing to play both instruments so I didn’t join the group. Along with the clarinet itself, Mr J also got me a pack of replacement reeds and a clarinet book. Not forgetting my large block of Dairy Milk he surprised me with.

Isn’t my ‘message’ from Fudge just adorable too! Love you loads little Fudgey!!!!

I’ve also had a 30th Birthday Me To You Tatty Teddy in a present box from my nephew and a Me To You Tatty Teddy 30 mug from my sister. I also had a box of Milk Tray from a family friend but in all honesty, I ate them. I don’t mind not having a lot of presents as I’ve been given the money from other family members. This way I can put all the money into one pot and pick something out for myself. I’ve got my eye on a few things but nothings set in stone as to what I’m going to spend it on yet.

What’s a birthday without cake? We always have a cake; I like it but Mr J loves a birthday cake. This year, I’ve got a Me To You Bear cake.

I’ve also celebrated my 30th by releasing the Born In The 80s Collection nail polishes on my store! I’m having the whole collection on a 30% off sale just for today. If you’re in the UK and love nail polish, why not head over to my store. There might be something you like.

Little Fudges Beauty Shop

A little update to the post. I’ve been making some new friends in the indie nail polish industry and I received a lovely little surprise in the post. This surprise came from my new friend Suzie who owns Prism Polish UK (you should definitely check out her polishes!) We planned to do a swap where I sent her one of my polishes and she would send me one of hers.

The polish Suzie was sending me was Shock from her Nightmarishly Christmassy collection which I’d commented about a lot to her. It’s a gorgeous dark lilac creme polish with a lovely red shimmer. Its beautiful! But there was an extra polish in my package! Suzie sent me another bottle as a belated birthday gift which was wrapped beautifully in tissue paper with a birthday bunny sticker. This polish was Abyss and I’m so glad it was this one Suzie picked out. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of Suzie’s polish but I was made up with Abyss. It’s a glossy black polish with a gorgeous linear holographic effect. You can’t see the holo very well on the picture so I’ll get another one soon. Β I’ve wanted a holo polish for a while so I’m really happy with it. There was also some awesome Nightmare Before Christmas art postcards by Verdigo Art. Honestly, I can’t thank Suzie enough.

Turning 30 hasn’t been as daunting as I expected to be honest. Another year older, a little wiser; as they say. If you’re dreading turning 30, try to see the positive sides. I’m making a change and it feels great. I’m looking forward to seeing what bring 30 years old brings for me.

Best Wishes

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