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7 Useful Apps For Bloggers

Using a variety of apps to help us on our blogging journey or day-to-day life is almost becoming a necessity. Some of us can’t go an hour or so without checking Facebook, whereas others just find them helpful when planning ahead.

Whatever the reason you’re using an app, here’s my list of 7 useful apps to use as a blogger.

Blogging Platform App (WordPress, Blogger, etc)

Whether you use WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr or any of the other platforms, it’s always a good idea to have the corresponding app. The apps help you create your content on the go and also receiving up to date notifications for follows, likes, comments and stats. I must admit, when crafting my content I do prefer to use the browser but I don’t mind using the app. It’s worth it just for the notifications alone.


I’ve found Evernote an extremely useful app and not just for blogging! I use it to note down everyday things like shopping lists, nail polish ideas, wedding planning and so much more. You can sort your notes into notebooks too which has been so helpful. It’s definitely the best notebook app I’ve used on Android so far. It is available on iOS too and its free, with option to upgrade your plan of course.


I started using Canva last year I believe, for general blog graphics, logos etc. I love how its easy to use and you can make your graphics look how you want them to look. As with a lot of things, there’s free and paid options. I’ve just downloaded the app to my tablet to create my graphics on the go. There are things I’d change and update about the app but its been really useful.


It could be any photo editing app really, but I always head straight for PicsArt or Snapseed. Using a photo editing app can be highly useful but you don’t really want to tweak your images too much as to give an inaccurate representation. Snapseed I only found thanks to an episode of The Gadget Show a few years back, when Rachel Riley was one of its presenters (Mr J is a big fan of Miss Riley I might add). It’s actually a Google app for editing your photos brightness, contrast, filters etc. You can do all the same with PicsArt but it also gives you the option of adding text, stickers and uploading your photos to your profile.

Facebook Pages Manager

I never really bothered with Facebook Pages Manager as an app but since I downloaded it, it’s actually been really helpful. Its helped me separate my personal Facebook and my pages while making it easier to navigate between multiple pages. I’ve got the Nikkipedia Facebook page as well as a page for Little Fudges Beauty Shop and a page that was technically linked to Fudges Instagram. Your notifications aren’t mixed up in the sense that only notifications for the page you’re viewing show up and all your activity, tools and insights are right there.


Before starting my blog, I never really imagined using Instagram. For one reason or another, I just felt that it wasn’t for me. Oh how wrong I was.Β I signed up for Insta when I started my blog to actually share other images than just what I did on my blog. Let’s face it, it’s a way to provide your content to a wider audience. I know I’ve pretty neglected my blog account, much like my blog itself, but it hasn’t stopped me using it. I’ve had to focus more on my business.


I must admit, I haven’t really used Buffer lately but I found it highly useful when I did. Buffer is an app that can link your blog and social media profiles and repost your content automatically. When I used Buffer the most was when I was going on holiday for a fortnight in 2016. I scheduled either 1 or 2 posts per weekday to randomly post them while I was away. You have the option to alter your schedule for the time and frequency of the posts too. Another option for this sort of app could be Crowdfire; maybe check that one out too and see which would be more helpful to you personally.

I know that I’ve found so much use out of these few apps, which I plan on utilising more often now that I’m not so neglectful to my blog.

Which apps do you find useful? Do you recommend any others that I’ve not mentioned? I’d love to hear your opinions. Leave them in the comments below and I’ll definitely check out the recommended apps at some point.

Best Wishes

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