The Leibster Award: A Fourth Nomination

I’ve had this post in my drafts since early March now, when Megan at A Geeky Gal nominated me for my fourth Liebster Award! Thank you so much Megan. I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to get to it. Check out Megan’s blog for all things geeky and why not take part in her 30 Day Video Game Challenge. I’m still yet to complete my 30 days but I will definitely get back to it very soon.



  • Write about it on your blog and thank the person who nominated you , write about his/her blog too.
  • Display the award on your blog.
  • Nominate 5 or 10 blogs which you feel deserve it.
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.
  • Create a set of 10 questions for your nominees.
  • Let the nominees know that you nominated them.


What song would you choose to listen to as you watched the world end?
I think I’d maybe pick out Daughtry – Waiting For Superman. I just asked Mr J this question and he answered Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.

What are your favorite YouTube channels?
I love a few which I watch with Mr J. I tend to watch Playstation Access, Up Up Down Down, Frog Leap Studios and Miss Sock. Other than those, I mix it up and watch a variety of videos.

What book(s) are you currently reading?
I’m not currently reading one at the moment but I really want to. I’ve been meaning to pick me out a new book. Any recommendations are welcome.

What is your weird blogging tip?
I don’t think I have any weird blogging tips. If I were to give any tips they would be 1) don’t overwhelm yourself 2) connect with fellow bloggers where possible and 3) have fun.

What Hogwarts house would your favorite fictional character be sorted into?
Ashamed as I am to admit this, I’ve only watched a little bit of one or two of the Harry Potter films so I wouldn’t have a clue what to say. I do play the Lego Harry Potter but that still wouldn’t help me I don’t think.

What was the last movie you watched?
The last film I watched was one of 2 options and I can’t remember which was first. Mr J and I watched Insidious and the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy last with my in-laws. We’d not watched them in a long time so I think it was about time the DVD’s came out again!

Do you have any obsessions right now?
I do. At the minute I’m obsessed with watching nail polish mixing and pouring videos on Instagram. I really need to work on mine for my feed too.

What would be your review of the tribble you adopted a couple of weeks ago?
I had no idea what a tribble was until I Googled it. It’s a weird ball of fluff from Star Trek.

What is your favorite podcast right now?
I’ve not even considered listening to podcasts! Maybe I should really. What would you all recommend?

What fictional character would you love to have as your RPG game master?
Ooh, RPG game master? I think I’d pick Ignis from Final Fantasy XV. Not only does he cook food that looks amazing and makes your mouth water but he also has great tactics when it comes to battles. To a degree, he is quite philosophical as well as teaching you to persevere through adversity when he loses his sight.

My Questions:

  1. Do you have a nickname?
  2. Tell us about funny experience you’ve had.
  3. What is something you wish you were good at?
  4. Do you collect anything? If so then what? If not, what do you think you’d be drawn to collecting?
  5. What do you consider to be your spirit animal?
  6. If you were in a music group, what would you call yourself and why?
  7. What’s currently your favourite song? Why?
  8. What’s your favourite quote?
  9. What’s your guilty pleasure TV show?
  10. What’s your favourite comfort food?

My Nominations:

Em’s World | Twitter @Strictly_Em

The Key To Kayleigh | Twitter @keytokayleigh

Steph Loves | Twitter @stephloves4

The Phoenixx Den

For The Love Of Books Blog | Twitter @ashleighcanflyy

I’ve nominated 5 bloggers this time around and they’re all fairly new blogs which I follow. If you take part, leave your link in the comments so I can head over and see your answers.

Can’t wait to see all your answers! Thanks again to Megan for nominating me; you really should check out her blog.

Best Wishes


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