What I’ve Been Playing | March 2018

Happy Easter! Mr J and I are off to enjoy a lamb roast with the in-laws for Easter today, which is the norm for us when it comes to Easter. How are you celebrating Easter this year?

I cannot believe that we’re already into April! The months and years are quickly flying by these days. Mine and Mr J’s declutter quest is almost complete so we can start moving furniture around properly soon.

I didn’t really get a lot of chance to play last month; mostly due to being halfway through our decluttering and having to do a rush job on most of the rest for an electrical inspection. On a side note, why do these appointments always come through when you’ve got the house upside down? That being said, there was still a little down time that I managed to catch to have a bit of time gaming. So, what did I play in March?

Monster Hunter World

I think Monster Hunter: World is going to be one of those games that will be appearing on these ‘What I’ve Been Playing’ posts A LOT. I’m now able to undertake high rank quests; quests which I don’t think I’ve ever been able to complete until MH:W. My weapon of choice is the long sword but I’m now also trying my hand at a new weapon for me; the charge blade. The charge blade starts as a sword and shield weapon and when it’s charged enough is able to morph into an axe. I’m enjoying using it so far.

Pokemon Sun

I know, Mr J and I are really behind on getting a copy of Pokemon Sun/Moon. We always have them; either as our Easter of Christmas gift on the year they’re released but we just never got around to getting them until now. I have a copy of Sun and Mr J has Moon. I’ve actually restarted the whole game again from when I first started it because I stupidly started wonder trading early on and regretted it. I settled on Popplio as my starter Pokemon, while Mr J chose Litten. My sister picked Rowlet as hers. Who did you pick?

Tekken 7

Before the loss reached 27-0

It’s not much but Mr J and I had a few matches on Tekken 7 a few nights. Not my best gaming I might add. If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen that I only won about 2 out of 10 fights one night, which were just luck if you ask me, and I managed to throw myself down the bowling alley 3 times. In all fairness, not my worst loss on Tekken. I once lost so much that Mr J had a 27-0 streak. I tried to trick him and switch controllers over. Yep, he knew and purposely lost so his profile actually got the win.

What games did you play in March? I’d love to hear from you.

Best Wishes


5 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Playing | March 2018

  1. I’ve been playing Lasrt Day on Earth which is a pretty gruesome survival game haha! My sister is currently playing Monster Hunter World and she thinks it’s great!! Have a lovely Easter!


    1. Honestly, Monster Hunter World is awesome. I loved playing them years ago and was really happy when they announced the PS4 release. I’ll definitely check out Last Day On Earth. Have a lovely Easter too.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I started with Litten when I played Pokémon Sun. I have had similar losing streaks with certain games or in certain modes against my player 2… there are some I just can’t win no matter how hard I try.


      1. Haha that is the sort of thing I have done before on certain games. You can play as this or this and I have choice of everyone. Though when we played dance central (at my request) I had to play on the hardest setting, whilst the easiest setting was what player 2 was on at the same time.


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