My Top 10 Nancy Drew Games

I’ve written on my blog before about the Nancy Drew games being one of my favourite series of games; it has been since I was 14 years old when I first played The Final Scene. Even though they are single player games it was a series of games that we used to sit as a group and play; my mom, my sister, my cousin and I. Can you believe that the Nancy Drew character is almost 90 years old! There have been 32 games in the game series by developer HER Interactive, with a 33rd currently in development.

As I’m waiting eagerly for the next installment to the Nancy Drew series, titled Midnight In Salem, I decided to share my top 10 most favourite Nancy Drew games. I’ll be honest with you all. It was so difficult to narrow this list down to 10, basically because for their own reasons I loved playing them all. I’ll list them in order of release date.

Secrets Can Kill

Secrets Can Kill is the first game in the series and it was a first for me too and not my first Nancy Drew game. It was my first ever Nancy Drew encounter when I had this and Murder On Ice in book form. I read the book to death; the spine began to wear out, the cover became tatty and there were plenty corner folds as my bookmarks. Seeing the book come to life in video game was brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I sort of already knew the ending.

The Final Scene

As it was my first Nancy Drew game experience I just had to include The Final Scene on my top 10 list. In this installment, Nancy had to solve the case of a kidnapping in a theatre which was preparing to be knocked down. There was always something amusing about walking through the aisles of seats in the theatre and clicking on the bubblegum stuck to the chair just to hear Nancy say “Ick!!”

The Haunting of Castle Malloy

In all honesty, there has only been 2 instances in Nancy Drew games where they kind of scared me. The first was in Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, only because I’m actually scared of large dogs, and in The Haunting of Castle Malloy. When the banshee ran in front of your car. I completely did not expect it and it made me jump a little. Even though it did make me jump, I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game and the puzzles really got my brain working.

Ransom of the Seven Ships

I don’t think that this would have been a usual one for me to put on my top 10 list but what I liked about it was how more involved your friends Bess and George were. It was a fun game to play too.

Warnings at Waverly Academy

Nancy goes undercover as a student at Waverly Academy to solve the mystery behind the threats that some of the girls are receiving. I loved playing this one even though going undercover at a school was nothing new for Nancy; it was a similar story to Secrets Can Kill.

Shadow at the Water’s Edge

I find that with Nancy Drew, like a lot of other games, you learn about different cultures. In Shadow at the Water’s Edge Nancy travels to Japan to teach English. She finds strange happenings at the ryokan she’s staying at. You learn things about Japanese culture from the additional characters and books lying around. You even learn some Japanese writing. I loved it from start to finish.

Alibi in Ashes

Alibi In Ashes bought Nancy back home to River Heights. Although it was often spoken about, we were never introduced to River Heights so I thought that this was awesome. And not for that fact alone. Bess, George and even Nancy’s boyfriend, Ned got even more involved than before! You’re taking part in a challenge in River Heights with your friends when the town hall burns down and Nancy gets framed for it. As Nancy is put in jail for a time, you get to control your friends to help clear your name.

Tomb of the Lost Queen

What I enjoyed about Tomb of the Lost Queen was the Egyptian archaeological side of it. I’ve always loved archaeology so it interested me a lot. It was very interesting to see this sort if thing appear in the game and I really enjoyed it.

Ghost of Thornton Hall

This is honestly one of the highest on the list of my favourite Nancy Drew games. I’ve played it on PC and the Android version, which I really enjoyed at night sitting in the caravan on holiday. I love the Charlotte story and the puzzles you have to do to find out what was being hidden.

The Silent Spy

We’ve heard before about Nancy’s mothers death in numerous games and books so when The Silent Spy was teased at the end of Ghost Of Thornton Hall and there was speculation about the mysterious circumstances surrounding Kate Drew’s death, I was completely intrigued. I wanted to know what really happened on the mission that caused her death and also what secrets Nancy would discover.

Do you like the Nancy Drew games? Which of them would make your top 10 or which is your ultimate favourite? I’d love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments.

Best Wishes


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