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Not Such A Hoppy Easter

The reason that I want to share this post with you today is of course to let you all know what’s been going on but to express the concerns Mr J and I had over the Easter weekend which will hopefully help someone else in the future when it comes to bunnies.

If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed me posting a bit about Fudge. He was somewhat unwell but there’s no need to worry now; he’s well again and back to his normal, mischievous self.

So, on Good Friday we took Fudge to have his vaccination. A bit grumpy for having to be put in his travel box and for having the vet mess around with him and jab him with the needle but he was fine. On Saturday morning we noticed he wasn’t fully himself but he’s like that a lot when we take him to the vets but by the evening we were extremely concerned about him.

Fudge seemed quite tired; like he couldn’t be bothered to move. He wasn’t sitting comfortably and didn’t seem interested in the fact we were fussing him. He also slowed down with his eating and drinking. Mr J lay on the floor with him and tried to encourage him to eat like he did when we had Fudge neutered.

We saw him have a little food and drink but not really what we know Fudge usually does so when it came to bed time Mr J stayed up with him most of the night and only fell asleep properly when I was awake at 6am. By Sunday morning, he seemed okay. We saw him eat a little in the but still not the amount he usually eats. Throughout the day he neglected his hay, he didn’t seem interested in water and didn’t use his litter tray much.

When we woke up Monday morning, he seemed to nibble a little but still not a great deal and his poops were tiny so I called the vets. It was mostly for advice to see if it could have been a side effect of his vaccination. They said they wouldn’t have thought that would be a side effect and to take him in to see a vet. We had an appointment within the hour.

Turns out Fudge had an upset tummy which turned him off eating and drinking. He had a painkiller injection, a check up appointment was made for a couple of days later and we were given some medication for him; a course of antacid and a fibre paste to help his digestion. He seemed fine taking the liquid antacid but he spit the paste out and would not take it no matter what we tried. As he wouldn’t take the paste, I called the vets to tell them. The nurse on the phone thought we had a water-soluble powder instead of the paste but she told us to just persist and do our best. We tried again and still Fudge wouldn’t take it. It’s supposed to taste like carrots, which he loves, so I have no idea why.

Mr J decided to buy some water-soluble probiotic which does the same job. Thankfully, Fudge drank this no problem and within a couple of hours his appetite started to come back and he was eating and drinking again. Still not a lot but it was a start. We did our best to track the changes in his urinating and poops which started to return to normal too. By the time his check up appointment came he was mostly back to normal, which the vet was really happy about. She said she was amazed at how he improved in those couple of days because most rabbits need a couple of courses of the medication. We just had to give him his antacid for another couple of days just to be sure.

We had been so worried about him because he means so much to us and we were so relieved that he was fine.

If your rabbit seems to be experiencing any similar symptoms please get them checked out as soon as possible. We were worried because of was over the Easter holiday and weren’t sure of the opening times so we’re lucky that Fudge nibbled a little when Mr J was encouraging him. Rabbits can deteriorate quickly, especially when they stop eating and drinking regularly.

Best Wishes


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