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Keeping Your Bunnies Cool In The Summer

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a lot of lovely weather here in the UK. The sun has been blazing and the days have been beautiful. There hasn’t been a cloud in the sky and it’s been so hot! Apart from the terrible thunderstorm we had in Wolverhampton during the Bank Holiday weekend which sounded like 3 storms going on at once! While my brother in Scarborough had lovely sun and was having a barbecue I might add.

As the weather picks up we have to think of our pets and keeping them safe in the hot weather. Things can go downhill really quickly when it comes to pets health. Mr J and I do what we can to keep Fudge cool and safe in the heat.

Here’s some of our tips for keeping your bunnies safe and cool in the summer.

First and foremost, make sure they’ve got plenty of fresh, cool water. A definite must for any animal in the heat, not just rabbits. I’ve noticed that Fudge does drink a lot more in the warmer weather so we make sure it’s fresh every day and top his bowl up where it’s needed. You can also pop an ice-cube in the water to help keep it cool. Whenever he has kale too, I wash it in cool water just to help that little bit more in keeping him cool.

Mr J and I have a number of cool mats lying around our home for Fudge. You know, the kind that are gel filled and cool when they’re pressed. Fudge loves them. Two of them were bought for Mr J and I but Fudge has claimed them as his own. He flops over on them frequently. These mats or something of the like I woud definitely recommend for rabbit owners as well as for other pets. You can get ones you pop in the freezer too but Fudge’s preference was with these gel ones.

Since Fudge joined our family, Mr J and I did some research into learning things about rabbits. One thing Mr J found was that you can tell how hot they are from their ears. If we feel Fudge’s ears and they’re getting too hot, we slightly damp our hands with cool water and touch his ears. That way the water helps cool him down.

It is a good idea to make sure that your bunnies have somewhere shaded to relax. Fudge is a house bunny and roams around the home all day until bed time but has his own little spots where he loves to flop over, loaf up, super bunny and relax. His main one is under the coffee table. It’s shaded for him, he’s got a cool mat under there and it’s somewhere he can get comfy and have a sleep.

How do you keep your bunnies cool in the summer? Did any of these pointers help you? I’d love it if you let me know.

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2 thoughts on “Keeping Your Bunnies Cool In The Summer

  1. Great read. I don’t personally have a bunny, but I have a dog and agree that it’s very important to keep pet owners educated about things like this.

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