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Foiling Xehanort, Searching For Castaways, Raid Bosses and Memory Chips | February 2019 Games

Wow, we’re already into March. Can you believe it?

February was a bit of an upside down month for us again with Fudges health. The urinary tract infection he had seemed to go but then he started acting unusual again and showing signs of discomfort. The vets did blood glucose tests which showed as a bit high and tests on his urine which showed a small amount of the natural minerals which rabbits excrete in their urine but nothing out of the ordinary. After a numerous vets visits they were happy with his progress, he didn’t seem in pain and they could hear his gut working fine so they decided that he didn’t need to visit again but it’s still a worry for us. Poor little boy has been through the ringer recently.

In terms of gaming this month, most of which has been either on Android or one console game in particular which I’d been so excited about. Read on to find out what I’ve spent my time playing in February.

A Kingdom Hearts 3 selfie

Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4)

Mr J had this on preorder and I was so eager to play it. I started playing Kingdom Hearts sometime at the beginning of February while we were at the in-laws. I’ve completed the whole story so now I’ve just got all the extras to finish and believe me when I say that there’s so much for you to do! I’ve been completing mini games, treasure collecting, photographing the lucky emblems and I’m on my way to synthesising the Ultima Weapon. In my most recent KH session I completed gummi missions and collected all the treasures and gummi ship blueprint fragments. I absolutely love the game!

Kingdom Hearts (PS4)

I’d been playing Kingdom Hearts 3 on a console other than my own, so when it came to me using my own console it wasn’t installed. Instead, I popped in my disc of the remastered version of the first Kingdom Hearts. I loaded up my old level 30 something save to carry on with. I’ve been wandering around Halloween Town and am just heading off to Oogie Boogies manor but I’ve decided to head back and change my party around.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (PSVita)

I’d been itching to crack out my PSVita at some point and when I did I loaded up Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. I spent countless hours playing this on the PS4 and loved it so why not get it on the Vita too. I’ve passed Mount Gendarme and am currently exploring the northern region of the island.

WWE SuperCard (Android)

I’ve still been playing WWE Supercard but I’ve taken a step back while I focus on playing Kingdom Hearts. My best card is still a fused shattered tier Batista and my second is a gold pro SummerSlam 18 Elias with almost 350,000 stats. I just wish that I could get a better female superstar card as that is where I’m lacking. My female superstar with the highest stats is a Christmas fusion SummerSlam 18 Mandy Rose with over 230,000 stats.

Kingdom Hearts Union Ο‡ [CROSS] (Android)

I played this a long time ago when I had one of my earlier Android tablets and never got around to downloading it again on my newer ones. I thought about it recently when Mr J and I were talking about KH3 and decided to give it another go. I started from scratch and I’m currently Level 205! It’s not a game that I think would be to everyone’s tastes but I have quite enjoyed getting back into it.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode (Android)

A couple of months back, Mr J showed me Disney Heroes which is a game where you do missions/arena challenges to collect memory chips to unlock Disney characters which you fight with on the missions. The whole idea is that you’re fighting some of your friends etc (eg Elastigirl fighting Dash or Mr Incredible) which seemed to have been corrupted by some kind of virus. It’s another game I hadn’t played for a while and have enjoyed doing so again.

What games did you play in February? I’d love to hear from you.

Best Wishes


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