What Has Happened For Me This Decade? 2010s

On Twitter recently there was a tweet doing the rounds of quoted retweets about what everyone has achieved in this decade, seeing as there’s only the rest of November and December left of the 2010s.

I loved seeing what everyone has achieved. So much so that I really wanted to share what I’d achieved this decade. However, instead of doing this via Twitter, I decided to use it as a returning to my blog post! I’m going to add the highs and lows of my experience of the 2010s.

  • Mr J and I moved into our first home together (2010)
  • Got our pet budgie Jack (2011)
  • Became an auntie (2013)
  • Lost my nan (2013)
  • Lost Jack (2015)
  • Mr J got diagnosed with depression and anxiety (2016)
  • Started my blog (2016)
  • Fudge joined our family (2016)
  • Went to 2 awesome Sister Shotgun gigs (2017)
  • Started my own business (2017)
  • Turned 30! (2017)
  • Made some amazing friends through my business (2017 and onwards)
  • Got angry over numerous Kit Kats! (2019)
  • The plumbers fixing the toilet flooded the kitchen (2019)
  • Got recognised for my business on Twitter and won awards from Theo Paphitis and Jacqueline Gold (2019)
  • Started polymer clay crafting (2019)

So much more happened through the decade. How did your decade shape up?

Nikki  x

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