My First Thoughts On The Nintendo Switch

I had a lovely surprise in April 2019 when a Nintendo Switch turned up at home for me. Mr J had decided to order me one as a joint Easter/early Birthday present and his parents contributed by buying me two games to go with it! A Nintendo Switch had been something I’d had my eye on for a while and with some of the games that are/were on my wish list I was over the moon when I got this amazing surprise.

What I received:

  • Nintendo Switch console
  • Dragon Quest Builders
  • Diablo 3
  • The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild (delivered a few days later)
  • Memory card
  • Carry case

I don’t know what I expected for the Switch as some of my expectations weren’t that high when you take into consideration the DS consoles. They weren’t exactly A grade quality in my opinion but fun and enjoyable all the same. I can safely say that when it comes to the Switch, I am pleasantly surprised.

I’d actually never held one or seen one with my own eyes before, only pictures, so I was imagining a smaller console; maybe a similar size to the PS Vita. The Switch is quite larger than I envisaged. With the Joy-Con attached, its longer than my 7 inch Amazon Fire Tablet when held in landscape and almost as wide when held in portrait. The sizing feels like a pretty good size for me for a handheld console; not too big and not too small for my small hands.

In terms of the console colours, I had the neon red/blue Joy-Cons and I honestly love the colour choice. They are vibrant, bright and very distinct without looking mismatched together. I’m glad Mr J chose this version as I didn’t think the plain grey Joy-Con would look as appealing (Mr J did get the grey Joy-Con Switch for himself a little later and they did actually look good). As they are described as neon I wanted to test that they actually were by holding the Joy-Cons underneath my UV flashlight and they genuinely fluoresce! I also have a set of neon pink/neon green Joy-Cons; they looked so bright and unique so I swiftly added them to my wish list and was treated to them sometime later. Now all I need to add is the Wario inspired pack and I’m set!


Speaking of the Joy-Cons, I’m impressed with the variety of ways you can play. You can play with the Joy-Cons attached to the console, single Joy-Con play and you can also attach them to the controller pad included with the bundle. I’ve spent most of my time playing with the Joy-Cons attached to the console or the controller pad but did test out a few minutes of Diablo 3 multiplayer gameplay with both Mr J and I each using a single Joy-Con. It may be a little awkward to control or get used to a new control system but that really comes with any game/console I guess.

My one issue with the Joy-Cons is the drift that happens with some left controllers. When the screen/in game character moves slightly without using the control. This happened to my neon blue Joy-Con and is the main reason I was treated with the pink and green Joy-Con set.

The graphics on the Nintendo Switch are a lot better than I expected too. I know that they couldn’t live up to the amazing PS4 graphics but for a handheld console the graphics are great! The graphics quality varies from game to game but I find the game graphics pleasant and fun.

It’s been almost a year since I got my Nintendo Switch so what do I really think of it?

You can tell that Nintendo have worked hard on creating the Nintendo Switch to be what it is. It looks good, runs fairly smooth, the graphics are pleasant and I’m really happy with it. A few minor hiccups here and there but you can look past these imperfections because this is a console that I have honestly enjoyed more than I really expected to. My game collection has expanded quite a lot over the past year and I’m seriously looking forward to it’s continued expansion.

Do you have the Nintendo Switch? What are your thoughts? What games do you have or are on your wish list? I’d love it if you could leave your thoughts in the comments.

Nikki  x

3 thoughts on “My First Thoughts On The Nintendo Switch

  1. I treated myself to the Nintendo Switch Lite and am so glad I did, the screen quality is so much better than the DS. I am loving Stardew Valley, Little Nightmares, Adventure Time, Luigi 3 and Pokemon Eevee. I can’t wait for Two Point Hospital and Animal Crossing. I love the green and pink controllers. We are thinking of a switch like yours for the kids x

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    1. They are so much better than I expected! I haven’t played Stardew Valley yet but I’ve heard good things about it so it’s definitely one I’ll be picking up at some point. You know I’ve got Animal Crossing preordered but Two Point Hospital is another game I’m looking forward to. With my Switch I like the fact that you can take the controllers off, pop the Switch in the dock and play on the TV. Perfect for the kids too I think x


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