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Prism Polish UK Haul

As I’ve been dipping my toes into the indie nail polish world I’ve been trying to build a collection of polishes from other indie brands. So far, I don’t have a massive collection but its a start which includes a number of polishes from 4 indie brands; 1 from Polished By Leanne, 1 from Toxic Nailz, 1 from SuperChic Lacquer and 11 from the UK based brand I’m talking about today.

That brand is Prism Polish UK.

Prism Polish UK is owned by a lovely lady called Suzie, who I feel I have the pleasure of calling a friend. We both started our brands within days of each other. We got chatting and have been friends ever since.

Please note that I haven’t received any payment to post about these polishes. I’ve either bought them myself or they were birthday/Christmas gifts.


Shock was sent to me by Suzie when we did a ‘polish swap’ in October 2017. Suzie knew how much I loved purple polishes and how I adored the look of Shock. Its a gorgeous dark lilac creme polish with a lovely red shimmer and its beautiful! [DISCONTINUED]


During our polish swap, Suzie also sent me Abyss as a gift for my birthday which was so nice of her! I’d never had a holo polish before so I was extremely excited to try it out. Its a glossy black holographic polish. [DISCONTINUED]

Baby Its Cold Outside

I could not resist making a purchase of one of Prism’s limited edition Christmas polishes, Baby Its Cold Outside. Its no longer available I’m afraid as I also snapped up the last 6ml dinky bottle as part of my sisters Christmas gift. It’s a gorgeous purple to blue thermal with colour shifting flakies and holographic sparkle. [DISCONTINUED]

Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty

Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty was a December 2017 MeeBox exclusive, so unless Suzie releases this on her store in the future you can’t get this one now. Its a beautiful deep midnight blue filled with holo! [DISCONTINUED]

Cosmic Confetti

Cosmic Confetti was released to celebrate Suzies birthday. She described it on her website as everything she loved in a nail polish and I have to be honest, I feel the absolute same! It’s a purple, blue and red multichrome and even super holo! The colour shift and sparkle really attracted me to this one; it’s so unique! [DISCONTINUED]

Photo features: Cosmic Confetti, Abyss, Shock, Atropa, Throne Of Lies and Loyalty Loyalty, Loyalty.


Atropa (along with the next polish in this list) was sent to me by Suzie as my 2018 Christmas gift. Suzie knows me pretty well to know that this was on my wish list. The colour is just amazing! It’s a bright aubergine purple creme polish, the perfect undie for the next special polish.

Throne Of Lies

Sent to me as my Christmas gift along with Atropa, Throne Of Lies is a very sheer purple polish. It’s made sheer to compliment and show of the gorgeous unicorn pee pigment. Unicorn pee pigment is named as such due to it’s rarity after being discontinued by the manufacturer. There are many sibling pigments of a similar look available but for Throne Of Lies, Suzie managed to source some of the remaining original unicorn pee (OG UP). Isn’t it amazing! The OG UP gives a gorgeous red/green/gold shifting sparkly shimmer and Atropa is the perfect undie for it; only one coat needed over the top of Atropa. [DISCONTINUED]


I got this dark grey creme from Prisms Facebook group, Prism Polish-aholics when a lovely lady was offering it up to someone as a gift and she chose me to send it to. I felt pretty lucky as I knew Suzies polishes were amazing.

Here’s 2 Us | Here’s 2 You | Fill The Glass

I won a competition over on Prisms Facebook page (they hold one every Wednesday) in September 2019 to win their 2 year anniversary polish trio and I must say I was over the moon! The polishes were beautiful and they were named after lyrics from one of my favourite songs! These polishes were Here’s 2 Us (a lilac/green/blue/gold multichrome), Here’s 2 You (a grape with multichrome shimmer) and Fill The Glass (a silver super holo with shifting micro flakies). [DISCONTINUED]

You should definitely go and check out Prism Polish UK; their polishes awesome and Suzie is such a lovely person, one that I am glad to say is my friend.

Have you tried Prism Polish yourself? What Prisms do you have? Would you love to see more polishes on my blog? Let me know in the comments.


Nikki x