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4 Years A Bunny Mum!

Today marks 4 years since Fudge joined our family! It feels like he has always been there; like he has always been a part of our lives.

Fudge has taught me so much these last 4 years and for both Rob and I, changed our lives. To a lot of people, Fudge is just a rabbit but they don’t understand that to us he is so much more. He’s our family, its like we are his parents and he is our son. He is Robs best friend and in some ways his therapist. If we have been sad, Fudge has been there making us feel better. If we’re happy and he’s happy, he shows it. If he knows we find something funny he will do it all the more.

I believe it was fate for us to find Fudge.

For years Rob had been saying about how he’d love a bunny. He’d wanted one since he was a child but due to the space we had at home I was concerned so kept saying it would be better we didn’t.

Out of the blue in February 2016, I sat at my parents and said I wanted to get Rob a rabbit and straight away ordered a hutch and some essentials to be delivered to my parents house, just so it would be a surprise for Rob.

The day the hutch was delivered, my parents and I made up some excuses for us to go shopping with them. It was something like my mom wanted to go to the pet shop to get some new tropical fish and wanted my opinions and my dad was going to pop into PC World.

We walked in and there was Fudge. Everywhere Rob went, Fudge followed. There was that instant connection between them, like Fudge knew Rob needed him and vice versa. He HAD to come home with us and they have been inseparable ever since.

I didn’t take my decision to finally go ahead with getting a bunny lightly but it’s one that I have no regrets about.

Fudge is such a loving little boy who shows both Rob and I so much affection (who receives the same back from us both too). A sweet little boy who, when he was only with us for a couple of months, dropped some hay in a bowl and pushed it towards Rob so they could eat together.

He is playful, sociable, funny and seems very content with his home and us as his ‘parents’. I couldn’t have wished for a better bunny to become a bunny mum for.

Nikki  x