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Mediband Asthmatic Medical ID Bracelet

#Mediband If I’ve said is once, I’ve said hundreds of times, the biggest bug bare in my life is my suffering with asthma. It is a serious condition that a large number of the world’s population suffer with. I was chosen by Mediband to receive a free sample of one of their asthma medical ID… Continue reading Mediband Asthmatic Medical ID Bracelet

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Asthma and Me | A New, Revolutionary Treatment

As most of you know, I have previously written about how I suffer from asthma. If you would like to read about that, you can read my post “Living With Asthma“. I also wrote a post about how I use adult colouring books and how this hobby helps me control my asthma, which you can… Continue reading Asthma and Me | A New, Revolutionary Treatment

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Adult Colouring Books | How I Am Using Them To Aid My Health

When I was a child, I used to love colouring books, pencil crayons and felt tip pens. I used to have a thick princess type colouring book at my grandparents that was always my favourite. Since the idea of adult colouring books came into being, I have to admit that I wanted to get me… Continue reading Adult Colouring Books | How I Am Using Them To Aid My Health

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Living With Asthma

We all know an asthmatic…right? If you don’t but you’re reading this then you do now. I suffer from asthma. It’s one of the most common respiratory problems affecting the population, with roughly 5.4 million people in the UK that are receiving asthma treatment. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 5 years old… Continue reading Living With Asthma