90’s Tag

I recently followed a new to me blog, Fangirl With Flair, a lifestyle blog with WWE and books thrown into the mix. Jessica recently did a YouTube video for the 90’s Tag which I thought was great so I wanted to take part in the tag. I do have a YouTube channel but I don’t… Continue reading 90’s Tag

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One Word Challenge

I’ve been challenged by my friend Emy at My Life’s Journey to complete this one word challenge. The idea is to answer each question using only one word. Head past the Pinterest image to see my answers to the challenge. Where is your phone? Table Your hair? Brunette Your dad? Frog Your other half? Adoration Your favourite food? Lasagne Your… Continue reading One Word Challenge


A Merry Fictional Blog Challenge : Hosted By Oh So Geeky

I’ve been taking some time to read some recent Christmassy blog posts when I came across “A Merry Fictional Challenge“, created by Katy at Oh So Geeky. I totally failed my Blogmas challenge so I’ve decided to take part in Katy’s geeky, fictional Christmas Q&A. Advent Calendar: Traditions you celebrate during December? Mr J and I always… Continue reading A Merry Fictional Blog Challenge : Hosted By Oh So Geeky