My Current WWE SuperCard Deck

One of the games I tend to play on my phone quite a lot is WWE SuperCard; a card based battle game using the WWE superstar cards you collect in game. It’s been pretty fun and a good game to play when I have a spare few minutes or so. There’s been new cards and… Continue reading My Current WWE SuperCard Deck


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I’ve Started A Funko Collection!

I’ve started a Funko collection! Rob has been collecting them for a while now, his first was Batman from the classic 1960’s TV series which I got him a few years back as a Christmas stocking filler. He is currently at a collection of 75 Funko Pops and counting! Rob has been saying about me… Continue reading I’ve Started A Funko Collection!


What Has Happened For Me This Decade? 2010s

On Twitter recently there was a tweet doing the rounds of quoted retweets about what everyone has achieved in this decade, seeing as there’s only the rest of November and December left of the 2010s. I loved seeing what everyone has achieved. So much so that I really wanted to share what I’d achieved this… Continue reading What Has Happened For Me This Decade? 2010s